Parts of a jigsaw

If you are looking for the right tools for working with wood, I think you cannot ignore a jigsaw in your options.

Jigsaw is a safe and easy-to-use tool that not only allows you to cut through a variety of materials from wood to ceramic but also can cut these materials flexibly with just a small blade. Besides, it also comes with many outstanding features that make the wood cutting job easier and more efficient even beginners can easily use it.

Are you curious about what jigsaw is? In today’s article, I will present basic information that you need to know first when you want to use this kind of saw is about its parts. If you know the function of each part of the jigsaw, you can use it more easily and safely.

Well, I don’t take your time anymore, let’s start exploring what parts of the jigsaw are.


The Jigsaw Blade

Jigsaw blades are the most important part and decide the quality of the cuts. On the market today, many different types of blades are suitable for each material you need to cut. Therefore, when getting a saw blade, you should consider the purpose of the blade that is suitable for your job to avoid purchasing the wrong one.

In addition to the function used to cut wood, some types of blades are capable of grinding. Specifically, blades with a carbide or diamond material are capable of cutting and working with brittle materials like ceramic or glass.

Regular jigsaw blades are about 3 to 4 inches in size. For thick and heavy woods, the blade can be up to 6 to 7 inches. For some types of wood and other metal materials, the saw blade may be longer than 10 inches.

Besides, the difference in Jigsaw Blade will come with the different number of teeth which decide to the final cut. Specifically, many teeth on the blade will help the product surface more beautiful and smooth but the cutting process will be slower.

Blade Clamp Mechanism

The indispensable part of the best jigsaw is the blade clamp mechanism. Its use is to support and ensure that the jigsaw’s blades remain aligned with the cutting line even at high speeds.

The second type is T-clamp or multi-directional clamps. With this type, you do not need to take the time to disassemble or replace it with a screwdriver. You can easily remove it by your hand. These two types of clamps are suitable for most types of blades. I recommend that you equip two types of clamps to use them for a variety of jobs.

Blade Roller

Roller guides are located above the machine’s shoe position. Like the function on other saws, Roller guides help stabilize the saw blade. For example, it helps keep thinner saw blades from bending and not breaking early.

In the past, this part was only fitted to some high-end jigsaw, but today most jigsaw is equipped with this part to ensure a more efficient wood cutting process.

Dust Collection Port

The Dust Collection Port is an essential part of carpenters who work with wood continuously for a day. As the name implies, it functions to collect all the dirt or debris from the wood. It will keep your workspace clean and tidy. In particular, you can avoid some respiratory diseases if you accidentally absorb dust or wood chips into the lungs.

In addition to the regular dust collector, there is a vacuum hose on the market. The minus point of the vacuum hose is that it affects the accuracy of the jigsaw’s cuts. Therefore, it is not commonly used in normal cutting jobs but is only recommended for cutting toxic materials such as formaldehyde gas from the MDF board.



When referring to the indispensable parts of a jigsaw, we cannot ignore the handle. It is the part that assists you to hold and pull tools along the cut you desire. It greatly affects the quality of your cuts.

If you have a lot of experience in this wood cutting work, you can use it more flexibly and quickly at will rather than beginners. Besides, the handle is equipped with an on / off button. You can operate quickly if you want to turn off or turn on the device.

The material of the handle is quite diverse in that the handle made of rubber is the most used because of its durability and does not hurt the user’s hand that it brings.

Footplate Or Shoe

footplate or shoe
footplate or shoe

Footplate Or Shoe is the part used to hold the blade at the same angle during the entire cutting process. This part can be easily adjusted to various angles you want up to 45 degrees.

The footplate may come with other parts. For example, you can attach additional fences to the footplate. It makes it possible to cut a wide variety of edges and angles from straight to parallel or circular.

Moreover, the Footplate can also come with protective covers that support prevent marks from appearing on thin or scratch-resistant materials such as glass or polycarbonate.

Orbital Action Switch

orbital action switch
orbital action switch

The orbital action feature not only helps the blade move up and down but it also oscillates forward and backward making the blade move in a semicircle. Besides, when turned on-orbit action also supports to increase cutting speed and reduce dirt for the saw blade.

However, if you require to cut it correctly, you should not turn it on because it will cause vibration during its application. There are 3 – 4 levels of orbital action, the higher the level you raise the stronger the vibration. Therefore, you should consider when using it effectively.

 In conclusion

I have finished presenting some parts that every jigsaw has. Besides, there are many other parts of the jigsaw that I did not mention in this article. You can find out later. I am sure that once you understand the parts of this machine, you can operate it more effectively and easily.

Finally, I hope that the information I have given above is useful for you in using the jigsaw. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day.

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