Renovating a vintage high speed bench drill

I recently got an old bench drill in bad need of care. It is a relatively small ASEA made bench drill with a 6mm (1/4″) chuck, a 300W two-speed motor and a two speed gearbox, givig a total of four speeds.

The seller said it weighed about 40-50kg, but it was actually a good 72….

It was left for a few days, soaked in 5-56 and kerosene and after that, came apart quite nicely.

The motor on the top lifts up while the housing is split vertically in two halves, held together by some screws and two conical aligning pins.

Here we see the two halves of the housing and the spindle in the center. You also see the motor spindle and the motor windings.

The little quadratic cover plate was actually a glass window for a built in lamp.

The once white interior sections of the housing is a light reflecor for the built in lamp.

I disassembled the whole machine, washed the parts.

The ball bearings, 8 of them, all had a mix of grease and metal grit and need a thorough cleaning or replacement. Is there ant good reason not to use sealed ball bearings? Pieces of string hold parts together so that it will be easier to keep track of them.

To be continued

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