The ToolGeeks site

It had to be done.

This site was something I just had to create, to acknowledge my inner tool nerd.

As a mechanical engineer, ex research engineer, ex welder, ex carpenter and house builder, ex kid from the countryside, there has always been tools around; hand tools, power tools, electronic measurement equipment of all kinds.

Now it was time to make a web site about it all, to connect with fellow tool nerds!

I am still working on getting the parts together, blog, forum, user management and of course the layout. I am really trying to make it simple and clear, staying KISS as far as possible.

My gut feeling is that the site should really be running well at around new year 2011, ie in about two weeks. Until then, there is some polishing and surface finish to be done. But it is really already usable so fell free to register and start posting.

I hope you will enjoy the site and the company of fellow tool nerds.

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