ToolGeeks website posting rules

ToolGeeks website posting rules

Our hope is that this will bee a site with a happy, positive and open atmosphere but we need to have some rules:
  • The site is for issues related to tools and handicraft, unless explicitly permitted
  • You are solely responsible for the content that you publish on the site or transmit via the site
  • If you are affiliated to tool related businesses or organisations, you must state so in your signature

The following is a non-complete list of content that is prohibited:

  • Content that is not related to tools and handicraft
  • Material that might insult any race, ethnicity, person, sex, culture, creed, or establishment
  • Harassing, flaming, threatening of others or using vulgar/insulting words
  • Anything considered illegal under applicable international Laws
  • Advertising, selling, spamming, promoting of goods or services
  • Links to other sites, unless it is relevant to content which abides to the other rules here
  • We reserve the right to delete any content
  • We reserve the right to suspend/terminate any account without prior notice or discussion
  • We reserve the right to investigate if someone violate the rules
  • We reserve the right to modify these rules

– If you find content that you deemed unsuitable, you should as far as reasonable, report it

– Any message posted express the views of the poster, not necessarily the views of the site

– By registering at you agree to abide by these rules

In this text “We” and “Us” refers to the web site.

Happy posting!



About the web site

The idea with the site is to connect with others interested in handicrafts and tools. Enthusiastic tool users or more serious forms of geeks with obsessions like collecting, writing, exploring,  constructing tools are very welcome too.

I believe many or most people involved in working with their hands have a wide interest range so this forum has a broad spectrum approach, embracing all aspects of tool use.

I do not have any commercial interest with this site. I do not expect to make money from it, but may try to raise some funds to cover the costs.

I am not affiliated with any tool maker, distributor or trader. I have some favorites but will try to stay clear of any biasing towards brands, makers.

This web site was built in Joomla! as the basic, hmmmm, tool. (Can software really be tools? Tools are hard, shiny, metal, wood, steel, aluminum thingies, that you can hold in your hands, not electrons on a hard disk…) It has a few plugins, the major ones being a Kunena forum and a EasyBlog blog module. I am trying to integrate them as far as possible, to make the site user friendly.

About me

My name is Jan, I am a tool geek!

I grew up in the countryside, my grandfathers where carpenters, lumberjacks, farmers. Grandmothers, who in country life where always taking care of the house, cooking, cleaning, improving the house as well as doing farm work.

My father is a mechanical engineer and he inherited an interest in tools, was always a tool junkie. His basement is still a workshop and tool collection and I guess I inherited my fascination for tools from him.

So I grew up in the forest, in tool sheds, workshops, building sites. We where always building toys, carving, making things. Ah, remember those model airplanes, balsa wood and glow plug engines. Early adventures left more than one scar on my fingers.

Later, I worked as a handyman / carpenter for a while, trained as a welder and worked with industrial piping for a number of years.
Oh, I forgot to say I was a sailor too, a “real” one for half a year on a sailing ship we crossed the Atlantic, visited several countries. Later I had my own sailing boats for about two decades.

At some point I got a “proper” education, got an MSc in mechanical engineering, got a job at the university as a research engineer which I was for about 15 years. Never quite made the PhD, as I was mostly gravitating to the workshop and laboratory, rather than writing.

For the last decade, I have had my own business in electronics, designing, constructing, building amplifiers, measurement equipment and other projects. As a hobby I have built a number of cabins, small houses and also a few musical instruments.

So tools where always around in one form or another. Finally I had to embrace the inner tool freak in me and get it out: My name is Jan, I Am a Tool Geek!

I hope you enjoy the site!